Getting Life Insurance Quotes

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Getting Life Insurance Quotes

Getting Life Insurance Quotes, Common Questions:

  • How do I know what type of life insurance quote to ask for?
  • Are these online rates for real?
  • There are so many carriers, how do I choose?
  • What will I qualify for?
  • I have a medical condition, can I still qualify?
  • Should I use an agent that has ONE or a LIMITED number of carriers or a one that represents a very large number?

These are very common questions people ask when shopping around for life insurance.  We run a full service insurance agency and represent a large number of insurance carriers.

This site was created to help answer your most common questions and give you a great head start in your process.  Besides, we make if very easy to secure quotes from a variety of carriers.

CONSUMER BEWARE:  Before you apply for any policy, if you have ANY health conditions AT ALL, even if you don't feel they are a big deal, talk with an agent first so you do not apply for a policy or expect one rate, to just be declined or rated higher than expected!  Some of these “online websites” and “direct mail low ball offers” just want you in the door to applying, then after you go through the trouble and they come back with a “counter offer” to their “teaser rate”, many people will just accept it as their only alternative and not want to be bothered “starting the process over”.

We're here to tell you, that if you have a condition, complete a no obligation risk assessment first, so you know where you are at BEFORE you apply!

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