Life Insurance and Annuity Awareness

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Life Insurance and Annuity Awareness

Do you think about Life Insurance and Annuity Awareness? Does it make you tired?

Are they topics that you typically want to shy away from?

They don't have to be confusing or burdensome topics.  By doing a little research yourself, then working with an agency that FIRST puts YOUR best interest in mind, you'll have a happy combination.

We've included a LIMRA brochure and You Tube video link to help in your education and in simplifying the solution to protect your family.

When choosing an agency to work with remember to ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. Are they trying to “sell me” the world or are they asking questions about my needs?
  2. Do they represent a good number of Top ‘A' Rated carriers or do they have a limited or captive product line that I would be stuck into choosing what they have instead of what I need?
  3. Am I comfortable working with the agent?
  4. Is the agent accessible and willing to help?
  5. Does the agent have continuing education AND professional designation credentials?

These are just a few questions to keep in mind when choosing an agent or agency to work with.  Please take this complimentary information and call us anytime, we'll be glad to assist you with a no obligation life planning review for your family.

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