Personal Growth

13 03, 2017

What Does the Internet Say About You?

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With Sam Richter Online Reputation Specialist You probably do some online research or crowdsourcing when searching for a new mechanic, hairstylist, or other kind of service. So who is researching YOU? Nowadays, people such as employers, landlords, college admissions officers and other important decision makers are learning about you online in addition to evaluating you in person. What will they find? Sam Richter, Sales Intelligence Specialist, explains why nothing you do online is private and what you can do to protect your digital reputation.

20 02, 2017

Top 10 Tech Tips to Stay Safe

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Brad Otto IT Security Specialist When just one click of a button can make you a victim of cyber-crime, how do you stay safe in a world dominated by computers and technology? IT expert Brad Otto shares insider secrets on how to avoid cyber-crime so you can protect your devices and digital valuables. Tune in for some great tips and discounts, too!

2 01, 2017

Because I Said I Would

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Alex Sheen Founder of "Because I Said I Would" How often do people fall short of fulfilling their promises? Our guest Alex Sheen, founder of the nonprofit organization Because I Said I Would, left a successful career behind and set out to make the world a better place by helping people keep their word. Tune in to find out how it all started and hear just a few examples of the lives forever changed.  

26 12, 2016

Finding Happiness in a Negative World

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Todd Patkin Speaker and Author Wouldn’t you think that owning a multi-million dollar business, having a brand new car and losing those 10 pounds would make you happy? Ask Todd Patkin, who had it all, and then had a nervous breakdown. Tune in to hear Todd’s unique story on finding happiness in today’s negative, stress-filled world. He’s personally been through it all, and was still able to bounce back from rock bottom.