20 03, 2017

Inheritance Gone Wrong

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With Denise Appleby IRA/Employer Plan Specialist You may be concerned about running out of money in retirement, but have you given any thought about what to do with the excess? Tune in as IRA/Employer Plan Specialist Denise Appleby shares shocking stories of tax disasters that occurred when IRA beneficiaries weren’t properly designated, or when beneficiaries collected the funds without proper advice.

13 02, 2017

Nest Eggs Beware!

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Dr. Bob Pokorski Vice President & Medical Director, Individual Life Insurance at Prudential Financial You’ve worked hard, you’ve saved well, and now you have an impressive Nest Egg for retirement. But do you also have a contingency plan in place if you become ill and need extended care? Tune in as Dr. Bob Pokorski explains how easily your Nest Egg could be drained if you don’t have all your bases covered!  

16 01, 2017

10 Tax Tips for 2017

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Neil Narveson CPA Are you dreading tax season or do you work with a CPA? Tune in as Neil Narveson, CPA, shares insider secrets to help create deductions, and explains that a whole team of financial professionals are all moving parts in the machine that is your financial plan.  

9 01, 2017

How to Plan for the “What Ifs” of Retirement

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Michael Finke CFP How long will you stay healthy enough to work? How expensive will retirement be? How long will you live? The “What Ifs” of retirement planning can be intimidating, but it is possible to plan for the unknown. Dr. Michael Finke, Dean of the American College of Financial Services, explains that although no one has a crystal ball, a roller coaster future doesn’t have to mean financial disaster!  

21 11, 2016

Can You Get Extended Care Without Burdening Loved Ones?

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Michael Staeb Advisor Consultant “Long-term care” may be the elephant in the room, but it’s one that’s getting even harder to avoid when 3 out of 4 adults 65+ will need it. Advisor Consultant Michael Staeb explains why he’s so passionate about helping others create their long-term care plan, and shares heartbreaking stories of what happens when there isn’t one.