Due to the large family of products and services our company offers, promotes and shares, we have put together some additional legal notices and disclaimers to keep you informed and answer your questions.  Each affiliate site, product or service may have, in addition to these, its own terms, conditions and disclaimers.  THEY MAY BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE, check back with the site, product or service for the most up to date information.

These policies apply to all products and services, sites owned and operated by the agency, in addition to any other terms and conditions that may apply, be disclosed elsewhere including, but not limited to other websites, products, services, agreements, or state and federal laws and regulations that may apply.  In other words, understand what you are doing prior to making any decisions.  If you have a question about something, simply CONTACT US and ASK PRIOR TO making your decisions.


Before proceeding forward with any purchase or trusting any information posted on a website whether contained in a page, blog, post, comment, internal or external link, etc., you always need to understand that not all information may apply to your particular situation or be representative of the results you may be able to obtain because of it. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR PERSONAL ADVISOR, ATTORNEY, ACCOUNTANT OR OTHER LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE PRIOR TO MAKING ANY DECISIONS. UNLESS WE ENTER INTO A SPECIFIC “ADVISOR CONTRACT” WITH YOU, WE ARE NOT YOUR ADVISORS. YOU ARE ALSO NOT A CLIENT OF OUR AGENCY, IN ANY REGARD, UNLESS YOU PURCHASE A PRODUCT DIRECTLY FROM US (MEANING YOU PAY US DIRECTLY AND WE FULFILL THE ORDER) AND EVEN IN THAT CASE, LIABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS OR WHAT YOU “THINK” YOU ARE DOING DOES NOT CONVEY TO OUR AGENCY. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS NOR THE RESULTS FROM THEM IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. It's sad we have to say that, but we do with all the sue happy, want to make a quick buck people out there. (For example if you purchase LifeLock ID Theft Protection Services, a service promoted on our sites and your identity is stolen and you are not happy with the outcome or their customer service, we are in no way liable nor do we have any control over the situation, contact them, not us. On the other hand, if you purchase auto insurance DIRECTLY from the William Avon Agency, LLC and our name is on the header of your policy, we are the people to speak with and will be more than happy to do so!) If you need further clarification, simply contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions.

Use all information reviewed as a basis for your FURTHER RESEARCH and items to check into.  Keep in mind, the author of content, in most cases is giving an opinion from their point of view and does not know you or your situation.  You are ALWAYS 100% responsible for any decisions or purchases that you make even if “advice” is given.

Use the links below to review the other pages containing some “legal stuff” as well as a few disclaimers, information on privacy policies, compensation, affiliate links, etc.  It is in your best interest to review this information on our site as well as any site that you visit.  If you have any trouble viewing them or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to help.

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