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Affiliate Links and Monetary Payments Disclosure
We do not accept payments to review any products or services and typically purchase them, try them and then review them.  For any link to a product whether it be a review, article, recommendation or simple link to another website, WE MAY RECEIVE A COMMISSION IF YOU PURCHASE THE PRODUCT VIA OUR LINK.  Affiliate links are used throughout our sites where we do get paid on the purchase of the product.  We also may not have tried or purchased all products linked to, but if posted, thought they may be of interest to you.  Not all links are monetarily driven.  We do appreciate, in advance, if you are going to purchase a product, that you do use our link to purchase it through.  This income is partially what allows us to provide you the valuable content and websites that we publish for your enjoyment.

Insurance Commissions
We are licensed insurance agents and are commissioned on most of the insurance products and services that we promote.  If you have any questions regarding specific amounts of commission, please feel free to contact us.